Obamacare Supreme Court Decision Today

The widely anticipated supreme court decision on the validity of Obamacare is expected shortly. While many speculate on what the judges will do, we wonder whether they will be allowed to read the law before voting; or only after. If congress can pass a law where most lawmakers admit they haven’t read it, and where it is publicly stated that you must pass the law before you are able to read it; will the supreme court follow the same path?

Marietta Georgia Probate Lawyer Opens Law Firm

Cobb County, Georgia probate lawyer Ophelia Chan recently opened her own probate law firm. The firm specializes in the administration of estates, estate planning and litigation.

As an attorney, Ophelia has been a presenter at various Bar associations and legal education seminars, including the Probate Judge’s seminars, on probate procedures.

Ophelia’s experiences in both the public and private sector give her the unique and valuable perspective on all aspects of probate law, from advising clients on the administration of an estate or conservatorship to litigation.

She has been a resident of Georgia for 13 years.  Ophelia and her husband, Brendan, have two children and live in Northeast Cobb County.

Crowdfunding in the United States

Crowdfunding in the United States is a hot topic as politicians position reduced barriers to raising investment capital while regulators need to deal with establishing rules and regulations for an orderly market while minimizing fraud. Financial fraud is prevalent present now and crowdfunding would increase the incidence of fraud, but while politicians and regulators spar; they seem not to realize that the benefits of having more business financed at lower costs can spur entrepreneurship and lead to significant job creation. The benefits of crowdfunding would far exceed the drawbacks of more fraud. An easy solution: ensure that those who violate laws are pursued, prosecuted and spend as much of their life viewing the sky from behind bars. If the penalties are meaningful and examples are put for public display, crooks just may think twice before engaging in dishonest activities.